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Ninne Premista (2000) -Nagarjuna, Srikanth, Soundarya, Rajendra Prasad

Ninne Premista Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download 2000
Ninne Premista -Nagarjuna, Srikanth, Soundarya, Rajendra Prasad

Ninne Premista Cast :: Nagarjuna, Srikanth, Soundarya, Rajendra Prasad
Ninne Premista Director :: - RR Shinde
Ninne Premista Producer :: -----
Ninne Premista Music Director :: -SA Raj Kumar
Ninne Premista No. of Track :: 06
Ninne Premista Genres :: family
Ninne Premista Country :: India
Ninne Premista Language :: Telugu
Ninne Premista Release Date :: - 2000

Movie Story

Kalyan(Srikanth) is a Bank officer who is transferred to an interior place of 'Konaseema' along with his friend cum assistant (Rajendra Prasad). There he finds a beautiful belle 'Meghamala' (Soundarya) who looks like the silver screen incarnation of 'Yenki Pilla'. Meghamala impresses Kalyan by offering him all the help a neighborhood girl can do to a bachelor. She serves him coffee every morning, dinner every night. She makes him feel that she is in love with him. She always is looking into his eyes. Kalyan, who is bitten by the love bug, informs his parents about his love and ask them to talk to the girl's parents and fix the marriage up. When the parents of Kalyan go to Meghamala's house to ask for her hand, she refutes saying that she does not love him. Dazzled by the turn of events, Kalyan asks Meghamala why did she behave like that. Then she explains that she never loved him. She just helped him as she admires him. There is no love in it. It was pure admiration as he is her neighbor. Later on we come to know that she got engaged to Srnivas (Nag), who died in an accident and when his car collides with the bus in which Kalyan is traveling. Kalyan loses his eyesight. The eyes of Srinivas were donated to Kalyan as Srinivas asks the hospital management to fix them to Kalyan before dying. Therefore, Meghamala feels that it's her responsibility to take care of Kalyan as he has the eyes of Kalyan. But she does not love Kalyan, as she feels that woman loves only once in her life and there is no place for another man. Then story takes a few twists and turns before ending in an unexpected way. If you want to know what climax does offer … you got to watch this slow-paced love saga on a silver screen. Performance Artists: Soundarya: Soundarya proved what a great actress she is with this film. She grabs the sympathy and love of the viewers with both hands. She made an impact with her 'Meghamala' character. She personified the images of a 'padaharanala telugu ammai', which we rarely find in real life in this advanced world. Nag: Nag is there for the 1/3 of the film. He enters immediately after the interval and is there for 45 minutes do have two of the best songs in this film. His character of 'Sreenivas' has got the shades of Ninne Pelladata 'Seenu' character. And he looks double glamorous in this film. There is one particular scene in which he calls soundarya 'Megha Mala' when he meets her for the first time. All the 'Ninne Pelladata' viewers will remember a scene in which Nag teases Tabu as 'Pandu Pani'. Nag is a definite asset for the film. Rajendra Prasad: The surprise pack of the film is Rajendra Prasad. He makes the first half of the film lively with his comic delight. He is given more footage in this film than he got in 'Kshemamga Velli ….'. In the second half he did not has any space for him. All the Rajendra Prasad fans can have a great time looking at the fine performance by 'Nata Kiriti'. Srikanth: Srikanth is the perfect cast from this film. And he passes the test with flying colors. His performance is improving from film to film. Technicians: Music: Music is the biggest asset of the film. SA Raj Kumar, who makes the song familiar by recomposing songs with different singers and inserting music of songs for the vital scenes in the film, has done a superior job. Direction: RR Shinde, the man in his 50 got a chance to direct a film for the first time. He was in the industry for the past 26 years looking for an opportunity while working as assistant director to innumerous directors. Thanks to the celluloid scientist Nag, who has an eye towards the real talent. Nag encouraged RB Chowdary to give Shinde a chance and as a bonus he too acted in a film. After watching, the film you will not feel like you watched a film directed by a 50+. There is a particular shot for a song in the film, which I liked very much. Nag asks Soundarya if she knows any games. After hearing a no from her, he teaches her how to spin a top. Then the best song of the film, 'Gudi Gantalu' follows. This song starts with a top spinning on a LP Record of the gramphone record player and then the song is shot and at the end this top stops spinning. Just checkout, how other directors would have done if a top and a good song were given to them? RR Shinde is here to stay. And he will get more offers like this after this film release.

Ninne Premista - Telugu Mp3 Songs Download Here :
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  2. koila pata bagunda - SP. Balasubramaniam, Chitra
  3. oka devata velasindi - Chitra
  4. prema yendukani - Rajesh, Chitra
  5. premaku swagatam - Hariharan
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