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Mass (2004) -Nagarjuna ,Jyothika and Charmi

Mass Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download 2004
Mass -Nagarjuna ,Jyothika and Charmi

Mass Cast :: Nagarjuna ,Jyothika and Charmi
Mass Director :: -Lawrence Raghavendra
Mass Producer :: -Akkineni Nagarjuna
Mass Music Director :: -Devi Sri Prasad
Mass No. of Track :: 06
Mass Genres :: family
Mass Country :: India
Mass Language :: Telugu
Mass Release Date :: - 23 December 2004

Movie Story

Vizag city is plagued by a mafia gang, headed by the most powerful mafia don Satya (Raghuvaran). Satya, who is physically disabled, is the mastermind while his son Seshu (Rahul Dev) implements those strategies with his muscle. Together they make a terrific combination. Ganesh (Nagarjuna) enters Vizag and settles in an apartment. After noticing the menace by Satya's henchmen, Ganesh calls up Seshu and warns him about four dates of that month - 15th, 20th, 25th and 1st (next month). He would harm and cause damage to them for 3 dates and finally would put an end to the life of Seshu on the 1st. (15,20,25 and 1 numbers displayed in 1st trailer of MASS have significance in story) The rest of the film is all about how Nagarjuna implements his strategies to scare the gang and the reason behind Nagarjuna's mission of coming to Vizag.Other heroes doing mass roles is routine. Nagarjuna doing a mass role is variety. Nagarjuna customized the role of 'Mass' to suit his sensibilities and style. He is terrific as the mass hero who accomplishes his mission with slick action sequences and commendable mind games. Nagarjuna is fantastic as the teasing lover in the flashback episode and his attempts to grab the attention of Jyothika are cute.Charmy is the now-found 'Lolita' of Telugu film industry. Charmy does not have much of a role except for the hero following her and teasing her to love him. Her character in this film is pretty similar to that of her earlier characters in Sri Anjaneyam and Chanti. She should try something different to avoid the danger of being typecast. Jyothika is good as the love lady of Nagarjuna. Though she is bit obese in looks, her innocent-looking face and tender demeanor helps in establishing the character.

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  4. Mass -Mano, Ravivarma / Sahithi
  5. Naatho Vasthava -Uditnarayan, Sumangali / Sahithi
  6. Vaalu Kalla Vayyari -Karthik / Bhaskarbhatla
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  1. Indurudu -Ranjith, Kalpana / Sahithi[MediaFire]
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  3. La La Lahirey -Venu, Sunitha Sarathy / Viswa[MediaFire]
  4. Mass -Mano, Ravivarma / Sahithi[MediaFire]
  5. Naatho Vasthava -Uditnarayan, Sumangali / Sahithi[MediaFire]
  6. Vaalu Kalla Vayyari -Karthik / Bhaskarbhatla[MediaFire]