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Chandralekha (1998) -Nagarjuna,Ramya krishna,Isha

Chandralekha Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download 1998
Chandralekha -Nagarjuna,Ramya krishna,Isha

Chandralekha Cast :: Nagarjuna,Ramya krishna,Isha
Chandralekha Director :: -Krishana Vamsi
Chandralekha Producer :: --Akkineni Nagarjuna,V. Ram Prasad
Chandralekha Music Director :: - Sandeep Chowta
Chandralekha No. of Track :: 06
Chandralekha Genres :: family
Chandralekha Country :: India
Chandralekha Language :: Telugu
Chandralekha Release Date :: - 30 July 1998

Movie Story

After Sindhuram, Vamsi was emotionally exhausted. At that time Nag and Ram Prasad were searching for a director. Nag casually asked him to come and watch the malayalam 'Chandralekha'. Vamsi liked the film. Then he asked Nag if he could direct that films. And Nag jumped at that prospect. He asked me if Vamsi was ready do a remake. Then Vamsi told him that he was a game. There is nothing wrong with doing a remake as long as he like it. He did not want to be branded himself as an unapproachable and tough guy. He never considered doing remake as a demeaning and degrading thing. As Fazil and Priyadarshan were involved with the original and there was a lot of scope for the hero to emote, Vamsi got convinced more about the project. When 'Chandralekha' was announced, people started thinking that Nag bailed Vamsi out of his financial problems and as a favor he was doing a film for him. Nag and he knew during the shooting of the film that it would not be a very well receivable film like 'Ninne pelladatha'. On the day Nag saw the first copy of 'Chandra Lekha', Vamsi told Nag that ChandraLekha would not run. But Nag was very happy to have made a sensible film. Later on vamsi have not seen that film in public theater and he was insensitive to the feed back for that film as the soul of that film does not belong to me.

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  4. Sahasame -SP. Balasubramaniam /Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry
  5. tajmahal -Rajesh, Sowmya /Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry
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