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Agni (1989) -Nagarjuna,Santhi priya, Smitha and Satyanarayana

Agni Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download 1989
Agni -Nagarjuna,Santhi priya, Smitha and Satyanarayana

Agni Cast :: Nagarjuna,Santhi priya, Smitha and Satyanarayana
Agni Director :: -Raghavendra Rao
Agni Producer :: --
Agni Music Director :: - Hamsalekha
Agni No. of Track :: 06
Agni Genres :: family
Agni Country :: India
Agni Language :: Telugu
Agni Release Date :: - 1989

Movie Story

There is chief priest Parvasu (Jackie Shroff), who renounces all worldly possessions, including his wife Vishakha (Raveena Tandon), to conduct a seven-year long fire sacrifice to appease Lord Indra and pray him for rains for the drought-hit land. There is Parvasu's younger brother, Arvasu (Milind Soman), who defies all norms of a Brahmanical society and falls in love with a low-caste tribal girl Nittilai (Sonali Kulkarni). There is lonely Vishakha, Parvasu's wife, who is torn between her duties (as the wife of head priest) and her repressed emotions that find a congenial outlet with the entry of Parvasu's cousin and her former lover - Yavakri (Nagarjuna). Yavakri, who has always despised Parvasu for taking Vishakha from him, returns after ten years of exile during which he was blessed with a boon from Lord Indra. Envious of Parvasu's authority and respect as the head priest, Yavakri sets out to malign him. He seduces Vishakha and now aims to become the head priest himself. Meanwhile, Parvasu's father, Raibhya (Mohan Agashe), finds out about the Vishakha and Yavakri's illicit relationship. Enraged, he unleashes a demon Brahmarakshasa (Prabhudeva) to kill Yavakri. This sets off a chain of events leading to the deadly stand off between Parvasu and Yavakri. On the other hand, Aravasu is forced to choose between fulfilling his desires and doing his karma. The appearance of Lord Indra (Amitabh Bachchan) in the end and his extolling the virtues of Arvasu makes for a perfect end to the movie. Although a period drama, Agni Varsha, deals with universal themes like revenge, retribution, death and salvation, and ultimately tackles the very questions regarding the cycle of human existence. The backbone of the film is the script written jointly by Arjun Sajnani, T. Jayshree, and Anil Mehta. The film also boast of stellar performances from Jackie, Nagarjuna and Raveena Tandon. Jackie Shroff cuts a laudable performance as the indomitable head priest who is totally focussed on his religious duties. His acting, sometimes understated and sometimes luxuriant, far exceeds expectations. Nagarjuna stands upto Jackie in equal stead with his passionate performance as the vile character who entices Vishakha into adultery. His demeanor is imposing and his screen presence attractive. Raveena Tandon, too, impresses with a sensitive performance that has a right mix of grace, dignity, and sensuality. However, Amitabh Bachchan's much-hyped appearance as Lord Indra is a let down owing to its mere 30-second duration. Given its offbeat subject, Agni Varsha is unlikely to be a hit among the masses. But it will appeal to those who like semi-realistic arty films.

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  1. Premanagaru Preyasiki
  2. O Preayasi Vurvashi
  3. Madanaduggaru inka
  4. Jabilli Endallo
  5. Ennalla Daka
  6. Andala Kotalona
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  1. Premanagaru Preyasiki [MEGAUPLOAD]
  2. O Preayasi Vurvashi[MEGAUPLOAD]
  3. Madanaduggaru inka[MEGAUPLOAD]
  4. Jabilli Endallo [MEGAUPLOAD]
  5. Ennalla Daka[MEGAUPLOAD]
  6. Andala Kotalona[MEGAUPLOAD]