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Sarada Bullodu ( 2005) -> Venkatesh,Nagma

Sarada Bullodu Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download  2005
Sarada Bullodu - > Venkatesh,Nagma

Sarada Bullodu Cast :: Venkatesh,Nagma
Sarada Bullodu Director :: Ravi Raja Pinisetty
Sarada Bullodu Producer :: T Trivikrama Rao
Sarada Bullodu Music Director :: Koti
Sarada Bullodu Genres :: family
Sarada Bullodu Country :: India
Sarada Bullodu Language :: Telugu
Sarada Bullodu Release Date :: - 2005

Movie Story

Raghavendra (Venkatesh), Vishnu (Srikanth), Chinna (Siva Balaji) and Vamsi (Sharwanand) are brothers. Raghavendra and Padma (Arti Agarwal) fall in love and they are relatives as well. They get engaged with the consent of their parents. But Raghavendra's family loses everything they have due to certain incidents. Padma's parents reject Raghavendra on the basis of poverty. Raghavendra decides that he should make good money, buy a house and have all comforts before marriage. He achieves his targets. Then he marries a good-hearted and responsible girl Anjali(Sneha). Later on, they settle Vishnu's match with the sister (Sangeeta) of Padma. Vishnu's wife is a woman of jealous nature and short temper. Due to her jealous behavior, there are certain problems. The rest of the film is all about how these strong-willed brothers keep the joint family together and reap the benefits of it.

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