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Preminchukundam Ra ( 1997) -> Venkatesh,Anjala Javeri

Preminchukundam Ra Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download  1997
Preminchukundam Ra - > Venkatesh,Anjala Javeri

Preminchukundam Ra Cast :: Venkatesh,Anjala Javeri
Preminchukundam Ra Director :: Jayanth C. Paranjee
Preminchukundam Ra Producer :: D.Ramanaidu
Preminchukundam Ra Music Director :: Mahesh
Preminchukundam Ra Genres :: family
Preminchukundam Ra Country :: India
Preminchukundam Ra Language :: Telugu
Preminchukundam Ra Release Date :: - 1997

Movie Story

Chandu (Venky) and Vijay (Suresh) are brothers. They belong to a wealthy family. The elder brother, Vijay, is a responsible person, and the younger one, Chandu, is a spoiled brat and womanizer. Vijay is in love with Sandhya (Prema). Chandu meeta a woman named Geeta (Simran). Geeta is a tough nut to crack, so he plays different tricks to attract her. One day, he expresses his love to her and deflowers her. The next day he takes the train to Hyderabad without informing Geeta where Vijay and Sandhya are preparing to marry each other. Sandhya and Geeta turn out to be sisters. Sandhya breaks her marriage plans with Vijay when she finds out her younger sister was used by Chandu to satisfy his lust. Chandu realizes his mistake and repents. He approaches Sandhya and pleads with her. She gives him an opportunity to change: if Chandu is a changed man after six months then she will endorse his marriage to Geeta. The rest of the film is about how Chandu convinces Geeta.

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  1. Pelli Kala Vachesinde - Mano, Chitra, Swarnalatha Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  2. Oh Panai Poyindi - Mano Lyricist: Chandrabose [MediaFire]
  3. Surya Keeritam - S P Balu, Anuradha Sriram Lyricist: Bhuvanachandra [MediaFire]
  4. Ala Choodu Prema - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]
  5. Chinni Gundelo - S P Balu, Chitra, Sangeethsajith Lyricist: Bhuvanachandra [MediaFire]
  6. Meghale Thakindi - S P Balu, Chitra Lyricist: Sirivennela [MediaFire]