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Pelli Chesukundam ( 1997) -> Venkatesh, Soundarya

Pelli Chesukundam Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download  1997
Pelli Chesukundam - > Venkatesh, Soundarya

Pelli Chesukundam Cast :: Venkatesh, Soundarya
Pelli Chesukundam Director :: Muthyala Subbaiah
Pelli Chesukundam Producer ::
Pelli Chesukundam Music Director :: Koti
Pelli Chesukundam Genres :: family
Pelli Chesukundam Country :: India
Pelli Chesukundam Language :: Telugu
Pelli Chesukundam Release Date :: - 1997

Movie Story

The Movie is a sentimental Movie. Venkatesh is a broad minded and a company owner. Soundaya a job-holder, watches a murder done by a city villan. She comes forward as witness for the crime. So the villan rapes her and when her family comes to know this, they throw her out of their house. Venkatesh responds to this and gives shelter in his house and helps her to forget the incident. Soon Venkatesh starts loving her, and Soundarya too. But Laila , who is relative of Venktesh comes there and she is in love with him and both parents wants them to get married. The rest of the movie is whom will venkatesh marry and how

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