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Kodama simham(1980) Kodama simham -Chiranjeevi, Sonam, Radha

Kodama simham Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download -1980
Kodama simham-Chiranjeevi, Sonam, Radha

Kodama simham Cast ::-Chiranjeevi, Sonam, Radha
Kodama simham Director::-K Murali Mohan Rao
Kodama simhamMusic Director::Raj-koti

Movie Story

Chiru took the dive into westerns with this hit film that was produced by Ramaa Films and directed by K. Murali Mohan Rao.kodama simham Chiru plays Bharath, a rough and tough cowboy with a heart of gold. His parents are fatally attacked by the villains when he spoils their gambling and prostitution operations. His dying father tells him that he was adopted and told him to look in another city for his real parents. He finds his mother in prison because his father was falsely accused of stealing precious royal treasures. He finds his father (Satyanarayana), who had been living as a leader of a group of forest people and comes to know that the mayor of the town (Pran) and Suddi gali (Mohan Babu) in fact tried to steal the treasure when they accompanied Bharath’s father and that he had driven away with it to save it. Bharath retrieves the treasure to save his family’s reputation. Chiru was simply sensational as a cowboy. It is not easy to get the right look and portray the rugged nuances of a cowboy, but Megastar pulled it off with aplomb. Every movement, style, mannerism, and look was perfect. This is definitely one of his best performances. The rest of the cast of Satyanarayana, Radha, Pran, and Mohan Babu acted well. The costumes and settings were nice. The stunts and fights are very well done. Music by Raj-Koti was very good, especial the song “Japam Japam Konga Japam.” The movie was made on a grand scale.

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