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Mrugaraju(1993) Mrugaraju -Chiranjeevi,Simran,Sanghvi,Nagababu

   Mrugaraju Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download -1993
Mrugaraju- Chiranjeevi,Simran,Sanghvi,Nagababu

Mrugaraju Cast ::Chiranjeevi,Simran,Sanghvi,Nagababu
Mrugaraju Director::Gunasekhar
MrugarajuMusic Director::Mani Sharma

Movie Story

Chiranjeevi, Simran and Sanghavi lead the cast of Devi Film Productions “Mrugaraju” under Gunasekhar’s direction. Big banner, Mega hero, and well-known producer raise great expectations of the audience. But the movie came as a big disappointment beyond the imagination of the movie-goers. mrugarajuThe Govement undertakes to construct a bridge across a river in a village called Adavipalle. The King of the Jungle, lion, becomes a menace for the villagers and the authorities as several persons including two engineers fall prey to him. Therefore, no engineer accepts the postings at the bridge site. Aiswarya (Simran) a bold lady engineer undaunted by past events accepts to work at the bridge. To rescue people from the lion, Raju (Chiranjeevi) the guide, comes to the construction site. A flash back reveals to us that Raju and Aiswarya are man and wife. An accidental meeting of the two at a Crafts Mela results in love at first site and subsequent marriage. But Aiswarya father’s KPR refuses to accept him as a son-in-law and creates misunderstandings between the two leading to their separation. When Aiswarya’s daughter is about to be attacked by the lion, Raju’s parents (Prakashraj and Kovai Sarala) go to her rescue and fall prey to the lion. In their final moments, Raju’s parents reveal the treachery of Aiswarya’s father that separated the two. Misunderstanding cleared, she is reunited with Raju. No plot and a pale story, despite claims of a big banner, a great star cast and other frills, make the movie very unimpressive. Director’s preoccupation with the strategies to kill the King of the Jungle test the patience of the audience all through the movie. Gunasekhar also fails on two other counts of – inability to mold the movie to suit the mega image of the hero, and not being able to do justice to the chosen theme.

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