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Bobbili Paparayudu (1994) -Satyaraj, Ooha

Bobbili Paparayudu  Telugu Mp3 Songs Free  Download -1994
Bobbili Paparayudu -Satyaraj, Ooha

Bobbili Paparayudu Cast :: Satyaraj, Ooha
Bobbili Paparayudu Director :: Manoj Kumar
Bobbili Paparayudu Music Director :: A.R.Rahman
Bobbili Paparayudu Producer :: -----
Bobbili Paparayudu Dialogue :: Mohan Rao Isukapalli
Bobbili Paparayudu Genres :: family
Bobbili Paparayudu Country :: India
Bobbili Paparayudu Language :: Telugu
Bobbili Paparayudu Source :: LEO CD

Movie Story

A rare album that was faded away in time. Reappears here first time in the net. The credit goes to Vishu for the cassette. I have seen this cassette in a shop some time ago. The cassette owner refused to sell it to me. Finally Vishu entertained us with his cassette. A.R.Rahman brought revolution when it comes to quality. In 1993 I purchased "Donga Donga" cassette (magna sound) and I was just blown away with the quality of the songs. He has created a revolution with quality of recording in south Indian cinema, whatever the quality of his tunes may be... If you download these songs and burn a CD and sell it in the market nobody believes that this is a cassette rip :). To keep the original quality, I have kept the bit rate to 320 kbps. Coming to the songs, a true ARR mark album this is. I really liked most of his 90s songs compared to his current generation songs. Achu Telugu is a nice melody with beautifully rendered violins in the interludes. In most instances Rahman depends on keyboards and synthesizers. But at very few instances he also made great numbers with soul stirring violins, flutes and cello. Oh Mudhu Mama is in and out upbeat song. The same tune and rhythm was copied by several other MDs. I recollect one song "OH mudhu papa" from Top hero composed by great S.V.KRishna Reddy :) a direct lift. Sukham Sukham is a good melody sung by Balu and Sujatha. Other songs may be good but will have to listen more.

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